About Icarus Sports

laynepopssail.jpgPeople have asked me how I would describe sailing catamarans: There’s an incredible feeling of freedom about it, out in trapeze there’s a feeling of flying; it‘s you, the machine, the wind, and the water. I enjoy the speed and the challenge that comes with catamaran sailing; it’s both a relaxing and an adrenalin sport. There is an enjoyable unpredictability of the environment that factors into the experience. Whether lake-sailing or out on the ocean, I enjoy the interaction with nature. I enjoy it because there is skill involved, unlike personal watercraft or power boating it takes more than a turn of a key to go. 

If you’re thinking about getting into sailing: A nice benefit of the sport is once you make the initial investment in a boat there is very little maintenance costs afterward. You, your friends and family can sail as much as you want, you don’t get dollared to death with the outrageous expense of fuel and maintenance costs.

Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Purchasing the cheapest boat they can find mistake. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of good equipment. The first thing is get a boat with a good design. There is no substitute for a good boat; it’s like night and day. The majority of these boats really need to be hauled to the landfill. Boats of this sort have changed hands many times as the owners have lost interest in them due to their poor performance, the design is difficult to sail, the controls are not adequate for the changing conditions and they lack the new technology capable of performance sailing.

The “kiss of death” mistake: There is the “we decided to take up sailing” group. They usually buy the $500 dollar Hobie from the want ads “just to see if they like it or not”.  For the money they typically get the most dilapidated, least seaworthy boat available. The unsuspecting new owner will come to realize they will spend a good deal of money to get this bargain boat in a safe and sailable condition.

Pleased with what a great deal they got, they set sail for a day of fun. All goes well until the wind picks up and the waves build, the sails flap wildly, the hulls dig in and the sailors get pitched into the water - resulting in a capsize-gone-turtle situation. While flagging down the nearest powerboat to right the craft, they’ve inadvertently put their friends and loved ones at risk, by drowning or hypothermia. Due to the poor design of the boat, its depleted condition, the situation is further compounded by the sailors’ limited skill. The sailing experience is chalked up as a disaster. The boat then goes back in the want ads and is sold to another unsuspecting would-be sailor.

long beach nationals.jpgThe “judge sailing by rental” mistake: Throughout the years, I’ve seen many people who “wanted to see what sailing is about”. Often they get their first and last experience on a worn-out rental boat. With about 5 minutes worth of instruction from the kid at the rental shack, they embark on their adventure. The outing is generally fun, yet typically ends up with the sailors unable to get back to shore or the boat gets blown down the lake; our adventurers usually find themselves catching a ride back to shore.

And so it goes again and again. The “so that was sailing” or “that sucked” is the extent of their sailing memory. I can tell you more people are discouraged from sailing in this way.

Look, sometimes a beater boat is all folks can afford. However, be forewarned, it’s like strapping barrel staves to your feet and expecting to become a good skier. It’s a rare occurrence they will ever experience the exhilaration of the sport of sailing.

I recommend reading and learning all you can about the sport. Spend some time out on the water practicing what you learn. Have patience; there is a learning curve. Ask if you need instruction. The Utah Sailing Association is a great organization for learning and perfecting your skills.

When I first got into sailing, I’d looked at several catamaran designs. I thought, “There must be something better out there.” I wanted a boat that was designed to be forgiving as it was fast. At first sight of the NACRA design, I could see the difference; it was obvious. I bought a brand new NACRA 5.8.

NACRA has a pedigree of building safe and fast boats, they’re designed for performance! NACRAs feature a fully sealed mast with buoyant wave piercing hulls for a stiff and stable platform; you get a quality boat fully equipped with all the necessary controls to perform in the lightest to extreme conditions. NACRA Catamarans offer a boat selection that out-performs and is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert Sailor, you start with the best and continue with the best. You’re way ahead of the game!

Performance sailing awaits you!  

Sincerely, Brett Bingham