NACRA 570 Fun

Big fast catamarans are often too complicated and take hours to prepare on the beach. Not the 570, she is simple, fast, graceful and has thrilled sailors for many years.

The 570 is the largest skeg hulled catamaran made today, like all other Nacra’s, the 570 is built with polyester foam sandwich giving the hulls real stiffness and strength. She has real volume in front of the beams and so doesn’t suffer the potential catamaran problem of “nose diving”.

The 570 will carry two crew comfortably and even three when cruising. The Dacron jib is sheeted to the front beams giving a large spacious trampoline area where the platform is firm and clear of all blocks and lines. The main is built from MNX providing a hard long wearing material that holds the sail shape providing a real power unit.

Kick up rudders allowing for easy launching and recovery and are operated with real ease. Double trapeze is needed to hold the power of the 570.

Length 5,65m
Beam ( width) 2,44m
Mast Lenght 9,15m
Mainsail area 16,55m2
Jib area 4,55m2
Trapeze 2 persons in trapeze
Construction Polyester foam sandwich
Design Nacra design team
Options Mast in two pieces
For optional packages, ask your dealer.