NACRA F18 Infusion

In Formula 18 racing, all producers have to try to top of the racing results and therefore on top of the market.  All sailors know that Formula 18's are innovative racing machines and therefore will continue to change to meet the demands of the market.The Nacra Infusion is made with the latest production technology and hull design by a company famed for quality production. The Nacra Infusion is the most innovative sports catamaran on the World market. 

Being the current worlds and European champion says enough.

The boat is named after the method used in construction, the only production catamaran made with this modern Infusion system, this allows better material weight distribution within the hulls, yielding greater stiffness where it is needed, and stiffness is speed ! Hull volume, larger than other F18’s, means that the Infusion drives, and drives hard with handling that is rapid and precise. Wave piercing technology reduces drag and improves speed in all conditions, the Infusion wins in big seas and big winds just as well as gliding on a lake in flat water. In contrast to other designs, the Nacra Infusion stabilizes herself at high speed due to dynamic lift, hence reducing pitching to low levels yielding a far more consistent airflow over the sails leading to higher speeds.

The fully battened jib, the self tacking jib rail, the large spinnaker chute, the Harken cunningham downhaul system enables total mainsail control, ask your dealer for the options. You need add nothing ! It is all there!! The high aspect dagger boards get you high upwind, the rudders are responsive and positive, trampoline is tightened from all four sides giving a firmer, drier, cleaner spacious platform.

The sophistication of Performance Sails and the wing mast shape complement each other perfectly to allow you to improve your results. This boat is just waiting for you to move through the gears, allow the power to build, glance over your shoulder and the rest are following ! It is up to you, the Infusion will get you to the front of the fleet!

Proud Nacra F18 Infusion owners find themselves invincible over others brands, feel free to ask them and ask for a ride! F18 fleet is growing fast, if you want to be at the front, you want an Infusion!! Race results worldwide prove it!


Features of the Nacra F18 Infusion.

Canted hulls. 4 degrees    For better upwind performance
Innovative bow/deck watershearing design   Less water resistance
Semi encapsulated front beam   No breaking from deck water (see above)
Flush decks.   Clean cosmetic looks (See above)
Gybing dagger boards   Push you more upwind (see above.)
Wing shaped mast profile   Better rig dynamics
Maximum raised rear beam   Reduction in wave drag up and down wind
Self tacking jib system   Easy for crew in tacking and gybing.
Exclusive side laced mesh trampoline   High trampoline tension adding to stiffness
Pull up dagger board system   Easy to adjust in seconds
Low bridle   Very efficient jib, giving drive and less heal
Nacra kick-up rudder system   Recognised as the best around today
Canted front beam in direction of mast rake   Better spread of mast load
"Sharkfin" high aspect rudder blades   Accurate and efficient steering
Ultra-clean deck lay out   Adding to sailing efficiency and safety
Nacra mid pole spinnaker system with snuffer    Easy launching and retrieving
High aspect asymmetrical spinnaker   Superb downwind performance.
High aspect jib   Advanced pointing ability
High aspect square topped mainsail   Yielding more controllable power.



Length 5.52m
Beam ( width) 2,60m
Mast Lenght 9,15m
Mainsail area 17m2
Jib area 3.45 / 4.15 m2
Asym. Spinaker 19 / 21 m2
Trapeze 2 persons in trapeze
Construction Infusion technology vinylester foam sandwich
Design Morrelli&Melvin and Nacra design team
For optional packages, ask your dealer.


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