NACRA 17 - Olympic Mixed Multihull

The Nacra 17 is specifically designed to meet the ISAF criteria for the mixed multihull trials. 

For the design of this boat the Nacra team again joined forces with world famous designing/engineering team Morrelli & Melvin from Huntington Beach, California as they have been doing for many years. Morrelli & Melvin are known for their America’s Cup involvement and many other successful multihulls projects such as the PlayStation, Gun boats and many others.

The new NACRA 17 Olymic boat features a wave piercing design, which has less trage and tends to have less rock in the hulls, creating a more constant highspeed boat over regular designs. The stiff platform results in direct response from the wind conversion into forward motion. It is also very lightweight for its strength, which ensures superb handling and creates an agile and therefore challenging boat to sail.

Built of epoxy/glass/carbon it is durable and long lasting. The two piece carbon mast ensures both safety and performance. Modern high aspect ratio sails makes it easy to power-up and power-down and is engineered by one of the most experiences multihull sail makers in the world.

Curved foils lift the leeward hull out of the water reducing drag signifigantly, creates pressure and therefore sooner full-flying and trapping. Sailing with curved boards recudes sheet loads and makes crew weight less critical, resulting in better control in windy conditions and opens the skipper/crew positions to both male and female sailors.

  • NACRA snuffer system
  • Carbon curved foils
  • NACRA kick-up rudder system
  • Boom
  • Harken Equipment
  • Carbon telescopic joystick
  • Selftacking jib system
  • Adjustable trapeze system (optional)
  • 1:10 mainsheet system
  • Racepackage (optional)


Length 5,25m
Beam ( width) 2,59m
Mast Lenght 9,10m
Mainsail area 16.25m2
Jib area 4m2
Asym. Spinaker 18,5m2
Design Morrelli & Melvin


For optional packages, ask your dealer.

NACRA 17 Videos

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