Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Daggerboard & Rudders, Aluminum Spars.


Sail repairs and custom modifications by Great Salt Lake Sails


Custom tramps and tramp additions, as well as custom sewing and boat covers by Chimera Products.

We also work with insurance companies regarding damage claims.


NACRA High Performance Catamarans

Whether a beginner or an expert, you’ll appreciate NACRA’s advanced design, uncompromising standards in craftsmanship and materials, and our attention to the many details which provide unparalleled control.


Parts & Accessories

We can provide NACRA, Prindle, and CatTrax factory replacement parts for your boat repair needs.

Icarus Sports distributes for the Murray's Watersports product line, so you can always check out their on-line catalog to find the parts you need for your catamarans, beachcats, hobie cats, or other small sailboats -  then give us a call to place your order. We are often times 10% less than the listed prices.

And if that isn't enough, we also offer a variety of parts and accessories for your sailboats and trailers that are designed and fabricated in-house, so you know that you're getting the highest quality products.



People have asked me how I would describe sailing catamarans: There’s an incredible feeling of freedom about it, out in trapeze there’s a feeling of flying; it‘s you, the machine, the wind, and the water. I enjoy the speed and the challenge that comes with catamaran sailing; it’s both a relaxing and an adrenalin sport. There is an enjoyable unpredictability of the environment that factors into the experience. Whether lake-sailing or out on the ocean, I enjoy the interaction with nature. I enjoy it because there is skill involved, unlike personal watercraft or power boating it takes more than a turn of a key to go. 

If you’re thinking about getting into sailing: A nice benefit of the sport is once you make the initial investment in a boat there is very little maintenance costs afterward. You, your friends and family can sail as much as you want, you don’t get dollared to death with the outrageous expense of fuel and maintenance costs.


Icarus Sports USA
Brett Bingham

If you would like to place an order or talk about our services feel free to get in touch with us. Repairs and custom work take place in Ogden, Utah, although we can ship parts all over the US.

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