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A simple, qualitative performance catamaran for two persons. That’s what you find in the Nacra 460. It’s the baby of the Nacra family, perfect when you’re just getting to know catamaran sailing.

Nothing is standard about this catamaran though. It’s a real beauty with her clean hull lines. The beams are recessed into the hulls, making the boat stiffer. And the level of buoyancy makes sure you’re on top of the water. Like all Nacra boats, the trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene, making sure the water quickly drains. When you’re just starting to sail a catamaran, the trapeze can be pretty exciting. Nacra made it safe and easy with sure-footed non-slip areas on the side of the hulls.

All Nacra sails are designed by Performance Sails so you can enjoy your sails for many years. The Nacra 460 has a MNX mainsail, fibre reinforced monofilm, and a Dacron jib. The jib is sheeted to the front of the beam, so you don’t have the hassle of lines and blocks on your trampoline. Like other Nacra’s the 460 comes with kick up rudders, a skeg hull and Harken working gear.

NACRA 460 Fun

The Nacra 460 Fun is the perfect family boat. Great for learning how to sail the catamaran, make your first steps towards racing. Or just use the Nacra 460 Fun for recreational sailing and enjoy your days out on the water with a sailing friend or alone. Because the Nacra 460 Fun is a relatively small catamaran, it’s no problem to sail the boat on your own. Looking for more speed? Check out the sports package and start racing!

NACRA 460 Sport

Are you looking for more speed and want to start racing in the Nacra class? The Nacra 460 Sport is the perfect boat to start learning to race. It has all the features of the Nacra 460 Fun, but with a special sports package. It comes with an MNX sports jib spinnaker kit, so you get more power to your Nacra. The jib is sheeted to the front beam, so you’ll always have a clean trampoline. The Nacra 460 Sport gives you a nice taste of what racing feels like in the Nacra class.


Please get in contact with us for details of all options and accessories.

2016 Nacra 460 catamaran

2016 Nacra 460 catamaran







Spinnaker (Sport only)







  • NACRA snuffer system (Sport only)

  • NACRA kick-up rudder system

  • 1:6 mainsheet system

  • 1:8 mainsheet system (Sport only)

  • 1 person trapeze system

  • 2 person trapeze system (Sport only)

460 Fun Photo Gallery

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