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CatTrax Beach Wheels

This is the standard cat dolly on the market today. Literally 1000’s in service around the world. Big 21” x 12” balloon tires mounted on no rust anodized aluminum rims allow your catamaran to be easily moved over sand, mud, rocks, or any surface.

2 ply tubeless rubber construction. Anodized aluminum alloy rims for superior strength and durability. Almost 10” wide, a full 2” wider than the competition. Resulting in at least 4” greater tire footprint. No plastic to deteriorate or weaken from exposure to the sun, or crack in freezing weather. 20 delrin roller bearings per wheel. Super slick, super hard. 2 more bearings per wheel than the competition. Again, less friction, rolls easier. No corrosion, just rinse. Over 100” of bearing surface per wheel. Largest rolling surface on the market. 2” anodized aluminum alloy axle, lightweight and virtually maintenance free for any environment. One piece for extra strength, no connectors or parts to lose. Optional padded fiberglass hull cradles provide extra support. Bolt through design for more security. No knobs to catch, lose, or strip. Optional aluminum backing plates available to make cradles trailer mountable. Optional t-handle attachment for makes it easier for one person operation. Made in America, not imported


Big 21” x 12” balloon tires mounted on no rust anodized aluminum rims allow your catamaran to be easily moved over sand, mud, rocks, or any surface. These pneumatic tires disperse weight and do not dig in. Air pressure can be changed to accommodate to the conditions at hand. 20 super hard and super slick delrin roller bearings per wheel for smooth rolling. No hassle, maintenance-free operation, lubrication is not required and they cannot corrode. Tough and durable ABS molded and padded end caps center the boat and hold it in line. Just pull the CatTrax under the boat using the tie down ropes and when balanced secure the ropes to the stays. There is no faster or simpler system. Use the same tie down ropes to secure to your trailer tongue when transporting over the road. 2” diameter anodized aluminum axle. Available for any beam width. Axle extenders available for boats over 8.5’ wide. T-handle attachment is available to simplify movement for one person. Can be used to move from the bow or the stern.

CatTrax With Cradles

All the same features as the standard CatTrax.

Hand-laid and padded fiberglass hull cradles offer protection and superior support for rounded hulls. Bolt through design for extra strength. No slipping on the axle. No gouging or damaging the axle with a thumbscrew. Tie down ropes included to prevent the boat from sliding fore or aft on the cradle. Ropes also allow the dolly to be pulled under the boat with much less effort.

3 Cradle Sizes Available
  • Narrow : H-20, P18-2, P19, Nacra 5.2, Nacra 5.8.

  • Standard : H-16, H-18, Getaway, Wave, etc.

  • Wide : Inter18, 20 or boats with wider rounded hulls.

Optional aluminum backing plates allow the cradles to be more easily mounted to a road trailer. Optional T-handle available. Lightweight at only 46 lbs. total.

Tiger Trax

This is the hard wheeled version of the all time favorite catamaran beach dolly. The wheels are rotationally molded polymer the never need air. It is an economical alternative to our CatTrax yet includes all the same features such as the delrin roller bearings and molded, padded end caps to help center the boat. Recommended use would be on hard surfaces. Gravel, grass, or hard packed sand will offer support to allow for easy movement. Not recommended for softer environments.

  • 2” diameter anodized aluminum axle

  • Available in 7’, 8’, or, 8.5’ axle lengths

  • 31 lbs. total weight.

  • Optional T-handle available

  • Optional hull cradles available

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